Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Mary Wohlford Foundation Contributes to Population Connection’s Grassroots Outreach

By Shauna Scherer, Major Gifts Manager

The Mary Wohlford Foundation renewed its support of Population Connection this year with a $30,000 commitment. This grant will fund two grassroots fellows who will work alongside field and outreach staff to build constituencies supportive of progressive domestic and international population policies. Alexis Katzelnick-Wise, a graduate of George Mason University with a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations, has been selected to serve as the first fellow for 2010.

The Mary Wohlford Foundation’s continuing support allows Population Connection to develop grassroots advocacy skills among young leaders who can positively affect public opinion about women’s reproductive rights and access to contraception. This year’s fellows will play an integral role in building momentum for Population Connection’s Double the Money campaign, which urges Congress to increase the United States’ investment in international family planning aid to $1 billion a year.

The path to a stable population is direct: universal access to affordable, modern family planning services. Yet more than 215 million women worldwide have no access to birth control despite their desire to limit or delay pregnancies. By raising the United States’ share of family planning aid to $1 billion, women and men will receive reproductive health services fundamental to their health and the health of our planet.

For every $100 million invested in international family planning programs:
  • 3.6 million more contraceptive users will be added,
  • 2.1 million unintended pregnancies will be avoided,
  • 825,000 fewer abortions will occur,
  • 70,000 infant deaths will be averted, and
  • 4,000 women will not die in childbirth.
With world population projected to climb to seven billion in 2011, Population Connection is intensifying efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about the detrimental consequences of such rapid population growth. If you would like to become an active voice in your community, please contact Rebecca Harrington, National Field Coordinator, at rharrington@popconnect.org.

If you would like to receive information about making a major gift to Population Connection, please contact Shauna Scherer, Major Gifts Manager, at sscherer@popconnect.org.

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  1. Nearly ALL of the possible govenment contraception funding potential comes NOT from the federal govenment but from LOCAL govenments, cities, towns and counties. This is because of a megatrend called The Big Sort in which liberal towns are becoming more liberal and conservative towns more conservative as a result of domestic migrations.
    This does not help on the federal level, but it DOES mean that the best local governments have the potential to become even better, IF we push them to do so by making a real effort to push LOCAL covenments to fund contraception. And they CAN fund contraception beyond their borders, such as with sister cities projects etc.